Made this mistake yesterday evening. I was wearing a dress and, while checking out at a little grocery store, I turned to my friend and said, “I’m gonna go home and put some pants on.” The cashier looked at me like I was crazy. I then realized…







17. Even the Paper is Different?

So apparently the entire world does NOT use  8.5″ x 11″, so when trying to print my essay (yes, I was forced to do an assignment) from the University computers, things did not go well.

Change the size of your paper to “A4″ or  8.27″ x 11.69” (random numbers, I know) before you try to print or you’ll probably lose a good chunk of whatever you were printing


15. Rugby

I’ll get back to you all on this soon. Still trying to figure it out. Looks and sounds painful though.

Everyone seems to be pretty into it, so I’m bound to come across someone who can explain it!

13. London’s Weather


I don’t get it. Bring and umbrella and sunglasses. Bring a winter coat and tank tops.

It makes no sense, but just accept that you’ll probably get stuck in a torrential downpour every single day.

The sewer systems are also terrible, despite the daily rainstorms, so try to stay away from the sides of the roads after a big storm; you will get splashed by a car driving past

12. British Humor

Well, it’s definitely different. We went to a great free comedy show tonight and although all of the acts weren’t fantastic, we generally thought the show overall was funny and plan to go back! Learned a few more new words too, but they aren’t the kindest, so I’ll spare you.



11. Leyton Orient Football Club

Football, outside of the premier league, is still extremely fun to watch! The crowd is definitely a rowdy bunch, so if you don’t have a preference for a particular team, choose to cheer for the team whose section you’ve been seated in. DON’T try to be funny/sassy/clever/daring/etc. and cheer against your section’s team; it is a really bad idea considering most of the fans are die-hards. 

Today I went to see the Leyton Orient out in Leyton. The fans were awesome, despite the bitter loss at the end of the second half. Leyton will be on top again soon! 


“Come on Orient, come on Orient, come on Orient!” (This is one of the more PG chants I heard today).


10. British Men

Attention American boys!!! Please start dressing like British men! We American girls wouldn’t complain if you traded in those sneakers for a nice pair of shoes, or that sweatshirt for a blazer and button down. 

Walk down Oxford Street and you will feel like you’re watching a runway show during fashion week. It is a wonderful thing to see such well dressed businessmen on their way to work.

Also, from the British men we’ve actually spoken to, they are generally really funny, interesting and lovely. Strike up a conversation in a pub and see what happens; you never know, he could be your prince!

9. Learn How to Use the Bus!

Trust me. At some point you will need to hop on the bus and it helps if you have a basic understanding of the bus system and which buses go to where you live. I would still be trying to figure out how to get home during this tube strike if I didn’t understand the bus.


**Alternative: download citymapper. It’s an awesome map that gives you exact directions from point A to point B.**