24. The Sunday Roast

Probably the most wonderful invention ever, the Sunday roast is basically enough food to keep you full for days. Add a pint of true British ale and a dessert and you will surely be in a food coma.

I’m not sure how to describe it other than it is DELICIOUS. Meat, potatoes, veggies and a Yorkshire pudding are just an irresistible combination. Pop into any pub on a Sunday afternoon and they will most likely have a Sunday roast (if they don’t, run out of there. It is NOT a true British pub!) and you will be able to smell the fantastic aromas of the food cooking. Definitely something you must try if you’re visiting! I recommend the Waterpoet (http://www.waterpoet.co.uk/) although I am biased, considering it is the only place I’ve ever had a roast.


Seems sort of silly that I’m posting this on a Monday night, but I’m still recovering from the wonders of my Sunday roast from a WEEK ago!

The picture is so good you can almost smell it!



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